2012 Emmy Awards for Costume Design

by Diana on September 23, 2012

emmy awardOutstanding Costumes for a Movie, Miniseries or Special

Great Expectations Part 2: Annie Symons, Costume Designer; Yvonne Duckett, Costume Supervisor (Winner)

American Horror Story – Halloween, Part 1: Chrisi Karvonides, Costume Designer; Conan Castro, Costume Supervisor

Sherlock: A Scandal In Belgravia: Sarah Arthur, Costume Designer; Ceri Walford, Costume Supervisor

Treasure Island  Part 1: Lorna Marie Mugan, Costume Designer; Rhona McGuirke, Costume Supervisor

Hatfields & McCoys Part 1: Karri Hutchinson, Costume Designer; Adina Bucur, Costume Supervisor

Hemingway & Gellhorn: Ruth Myers, Costume Designer; William McPhail, Costume Supervisor

Outstanding Costumes for a Series

Game of Thrones: Michele Clapton, Costume Designer; Alexander Fordham, Assistant Costume Designer; Chloe Aubry, Assistant Costume Designer (Winner)

Boardwalk Empire: John Dunn, Costume Designer; Lisa Padovani, Co-Costume Designer; Maria Zamansky, Assistant Costume Designer 

Downton Abbey Episode 1: Susannah Buxton, Costume Designer

The Borgias: Gabriella Pescucci, Costume Designer; Uliva Pizzetti, Costume Supervisor

Once Upon a Time: Eduardo Castro, Costume Designer; Monique McRae, Assistant Costume Designer

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