“I can’t imagine costuming a period film without using American Costume. Its stock is one of the most pristine and genuine anywhere.”
—Jacqueline West, Costume Designer

United*American Costume’s civilian inventory spans from the 1750’s through the 1970’s and covers all looks for men, women and children. Our uniform collection begins in 1750 and continues through present day.

Beginning in the 1750’s, our collection of Men, Women and Children comprise every look from the Northeastern Mohican Indian tribe, to the signing of the Declaration of Independence, to women and children working on plantations. We have the largest collection of 1750’s French and Indian War uniforms in the United States. Our vast collection of 1770’s military covers all looks from Militia to elaborate Officers.

The 1800 ‘s are our specialty. Our extensive collection of Genuine garments is one of the largest and finest in the world and enhances our vast reproduction inventory. We have every look from western settlers and various Indian tribes to Saloon Girls and Slaves. Any look you are seeking in this century is attainable. Our 1800’s military is one of the finest in the world. From the War of 1812 to the American Indian War and the Spanish American War of the late century, we have every look you need for your project. Whether it’s a Constable uniform or a plantation owner, you’ll find it here.

Our 1900’s collection is overwhelmingly beautiful. From the turn of the century to the late 1970’s, our mens, womens and childrens inventory contains every item to complete the characterization you are looking for in this century. Whether it is a genuine lace walking suit of the teens or an iron worker in the 1930’s, we have an enormous selection for you to choose from. Our military collection for the 1900’s contains everything from United States military, foreign armies, medical and service uniforms from the early 1900’s to today.